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Math Memory

No student will say that math is a fun subject. That’s just how it is. However, this isn’t to say that math isn’t an enjoyable subject. It’s simply that it is unreasonable to expect a math teacher to teach all of their lessons in the form of games. It just isn’t a good use of their...

Can Your Child's Education Benefit From a Tablet Device?

Let’s get it out of the way, tablets are entertainment devices. They enable millions of people around the world to shop from the comfort of their bed each morning, they allow many more to stay up to date with their latest celebrity feeds,...

Time to Get Your Youngster Ready to Head Back to School

While the summer vacation period is the perfect time for families and friends to get together and enjoy the nice weather and positive atmosphere, it sadly comes to an end. For students, this means returning to school for a new school year....

How to Use Flashcards Effectively Over the Summer Break

Every parent wants to help their student with homework and general lesson learning. The challenge is keeping up. Lessons taught today are far more complex than those taught decades ago. For this reason, many parents feel they can't provide...

What Is Summer Learning Loss?

When it comes to the summer vacation period, a student's mind is focused on one thing and one thing only: FUN! While your student has likely worked hard throughout the school year and deserves a well-earned break, The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has some...

Does Your Child Suffer From Poor Time Management?

There will be times when students have so much work and study on their plate that they forget important dates or activities. As unproductive as this behavior sounds, it is all just part of adolescence. Of course, if forgetting important aspects...

Benefits of Letting Your Child Choose Their Own Reading Material

With so much educational focus placed on a student's textbooks, novels and stories are often forgotten. Not without good reason, however. Textbooks are the best way for a student to learn, but parents shouldn't neglect the power of...

Show Your Student How Enjoyable and Interactive Reading Can Be

From cooking instructions to college applications, reading is an important skill which can be the difference between being offered educational and career opportunities and being placed in a pile of remaining applicants. The challenge...

How to Give Your Young One the Competitive Advantage

Taking advantage of the benefits which early age tutoring can provide is not new. However, as entrance requirements for highly regarded preschools and kindergartens increase, more parents are becoming aware of the benefits it can provide. If...

Give Your Child's Learning a Kick-Start

Any break from school which is longer than a weekend seems to be all that is needed for children across the country to lose focus and lose the momentum they just gained. If your child's return to school seems a little sluggish, The Tutoring Center, Pearland...


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