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Recalling historical dates, chemical formulas, or the exact order for the solar system's planets can be challenging for any child. Fortunately, they can use devices to assist their memory; in other words, mnemonics. To learn about fun mnemonics your child can use to aid their memory, read the following post by The Tutoring Center, Pearland, TX.

Help Your Child Memorize New Information With These Mnemonics

  1. Acronyms consist of forming a new word made of the initial letters to the sequence of words to learn; for example, if your child must memorize the names of the five Great Lakes in North America, they can practice the acronym HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior)
  2. Does your child like music? Needless to say, music is often used as a mnemonic device to help children retain facts and information; for example, they typically learn the alphabet by singing the ABC song, plus, they can recall the 50 states by singing "Fifty Nifty United States." Considering that, help your child retain names or word sequences by creating fun lyrics and songs.
  3. Considering our brains process visual information incredibly fast, it's no surprise that image mnemonics is an effective tool your child can use to retain newly learned information. Thus, if your child likes to draw, encourage them to make the most out of their drawing skills by turning the information they study into visual representations. For example, drawing a cell structure after learning about it in science class can help them understand and recall the concepts.

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