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Good sleep is essential for learning; regardless, it's not uncommon for students to lack a bedtime routine. Have you done a full day of school being sleep-deprived? If the answer is yes, you probably felt dazed in class or weak at sports practice; for that reason, today's post by The Tutoring Center, Pearland, TX, has some helpful advice for you to instill a healthy night routine.

How To Build a Healthy Bedtime Routine

    1. Many students check on their phones before going to sleep; this keeps them awake and alert for extended hours at night, affecting their sleep quality. If you are likely to use your phone before falling asleep, you can improve your rest by avoiding screen time at about 30 minutes before going to sleep.
    2. Maintaining a sleep schedule is also important to improve your energy during the day and your sleep quality at night; therefore, try waking up and sleeping around the same time every day, even during weekends.
    3. As mentioned above, doing activities that keep you alert and awake at night hinders your sleep routine; for that reason, winding down and disengaging from social media and school requirements before getting ready to sleep is a helpful suggestion. For instance, instead of doing schoolwork or checking your phone right before sleeping, try a relaxing activity, such as writing a journal, meditating, or listening to chill music.

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