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The beginning of the new year brings parents and children the chance to start fresh and set new learning goals and reading resolutions. If you want to encourage your child to read more this year, here are some helpful tips from The Tutoring Center, Pearland, TX.

How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child This Year

Create Fun Reading Activities

The most effective way to get your child interested in books is by sharing fun reading activities together. You can try different things, such as setting a reading picnic with their favorite books and snacks, reading aloud to each other, or starting a family book club in which you can talk about stories, characters, and ideas. The goal is to prompt your child to explore the fun side of reading.

Read Aloud With Your Child

Another great thing you can do is read aloud to your child. You can share any content with them, perhaps depending on their age and interests. For instance, it could be a fairy tale, a science fiction book, or a fun comic. The purpose of reading aloud to them is to serve as an example and inspire your child to imitate your reading behavior.

Visit the Local Library

Taking your child to the library can be a significant learning experience for them. Choosing a book on their own might allow them to explore a sheer amount of exciting topics, which consequently might spark their intellectual curiosity.

Create a Reading Nook

Finally, you can encourage your child to read by creating a comfortable and well-lighted reading nook within your home. Make sure to set this reading cranny in a quiet space with all your child’s favorite books to achieve a peaceful and enjoyable reading experience for your child.

One-on-one tutoring in Pearland, TX, can be a great choice to help your child improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics skills. Call The Tutoring Center, Pearland, TX, at (281) 650-2246, and ask about the most suitable academic program for your child. Also, don’t forget to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment!


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