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How Your Youngster Can Benefit from Group Study

When parents think about a group study session, the first thing which comes to their mind is a social media catch up. After all, TV shows have even been made about it! However, in reality, a group study session can have great benefits to all students involved. Below is some further information from The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX on the topic.

A Wrong Perception

Every parent can think of a time, likely at work, when they and their colleagues were given the same instructions, only one of you (possibly yourself!) understood it a little differently and ended up handing in work which wasn’t exactly what the boss wanted. Transfer this to your child’s classroom and you have an angry teacher who has little choice but to give a low or failing grade simply because of a misunderstanding. During a group study session, students have the chance to speak comfortably with their classmates about what they believe the teacher wants. With just a few minutes of open discussion, your student can ensure their understanding of what is required is not only in line with their classmates, but is correct!

Was It 1880 or 1870? Let’s Try 1875, Just to Be Sure!

Every student tries it, despite parents and teachers advising otherwise: writing or typing every word the teachers say, verbatim. While it starts out okay, the more the teacher speaks, the harder it becomes, with students struggling to note down what the teacher said three sentences ago while simultaneously trying to hear what is being said in the very moment! As you can likely guess, this leaves a student with a book full of incomplete and likely incorrect information. Through a group study session, each student has the opportunity to fill in any gaps in their notes while also allowing their classmates to do the same using theirs. One student may have noted down all the correct dates while another paid close attention to reference materials. At the end of these sessions, each student leaves with a complete set of notes they can use at their leisure during their individual study time at home.

Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem With Tutoring

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