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How to Use Flashcards Effectively Over the Summer Break

Every parent wants to help their student with homework and general lesson learning. The challenge is keeping up. Lessons taught today are far more complex than those taught decades ago. For this reason, many parents feel they can't provide much assistance without returning to college and getting their degree. If this sounds like you, The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has the following post to share about how you can utilize a familiar learning tool and give your student real help.

The Material

The best place to get your material is your child's notebook. With your student, sit down and flip through the pages in each of their notebooks. While the words might not make much sense to you, you will be able to identify some of the following:
  • An entire page of scribbled notes
  • Incomplete notes
  • Written, corrected, rewritten, corrected, rewritten notes
  • A page of dictation
These can be solid indicators that the lesson posed a particular challenge for your child and is one that should be reviewed.

What to Write

Now that you know what you will use, it's time to make the actual cards. Try to use concise questions, such as:
  • When was the Hoover Dam built?
  • How many sides make up a dodecahedron?
  • What gas is referred to as CO2?
These will help trigger faster responses by presenting just the important information needed for recollection. Once you have a set of these cards, make a copy and leave it in your car or handbag. Each time you are stuck waiting for traffic, take one out and give your student a quick pop-quiz. If you are at the grocery store and they want to choose dessert, take out a flashcard and use dessert as a reward.

Tutoring in Pearland TX

When it comes to parents helping their children, flashcards such as these work well and can be a great benefit. If you think that your child could use a further boost to their learning or you are worried about the summer learning slide affecting their progress, a balance of summer tutoring in Pearland TX can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX at (281) 650-2246 to learn more about subject-focused learning programs and how tutoring in Pearland TX can help your student hit the ground running next school year.


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