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Tips to Help You Get Your Children out of Bed

After the summer break, it can often be difficult for parents to get their children out of bed and at school on time. If this sounds like a familiar challenge, the following article from The Tutoring Center, Pearland has some tips which can help.

Move Their Alarm

If your student simply wakes up, rolls over, and snoozes their alarm, then this is the tip for you! Move their alarm to the other side of the room or even at their bedroom door. Now, in the morning, instead of simply hitting the snooze button they will need to get out of bed and switch off the alarm. This tip works on the premise that, once they are up to switch off the alarm and have left their warm bed, they might as well stay up!

Keep Them up With Food

A growing child requires food, and a hungry morning stomach can be a great tool to use. Decide on a time and agree to be in the kitchen until then. Make your student an agreement that, if they can get out of bed on time and make it to the kitchen by the designated time, you will cook them their favorite breakfast.

Hold Their Electronic Device to Ransom

Well, maybe not to ransom! Instead, require them to leave their electronic devices in the kitchen each night before they go to bed. Along with being a great way to remove a distraction from drifting off to sleep at night, the need to check their messages and swipe through the latest social media posts will be a great motivator to get them out of bed in the morning.

Improve Their Grades With Tutoring

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