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Show Your Student How Enjoyable and Interactive Reading Can Be

From cooking instructions to college applications, reading is an important skill which can be the difference between being offered educational and career opportunities and being placed in a pile of remaining applicants. The challenge for parents, however, is to convey this message to children who only read textbooks and have a negative connection with reading. If this sounds familiar, help is at hand. The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has an idea to share called a 'Reading Picnic,' which can show your child just how enjoyable reading can be.

Break the Tradition

There is no doubt that their textbooks will be the most valuable resource for a student as they progress through their educational path. However, for this activity, let them choose a book which they will enjoy. Once they have selected one, grab two copies, one for you and one for them. While this could mean that you will be reading a mystical fantasy novel or a collection of car racing stories, the focus of this task is to associate reading with their enjoyment.

Get Yourselves Ready for the Day

Just like any picnic, you are going to need a blanket, lunch, and some snacks. Try to keep lunch as healthy as possible with foods that will fuel your brains, such as healthy sandwiches, water, and juice. On top of these, pack a small bag of candy or chocolates to use as you read (more on the delicious use of these later).

Finding the Right Spot

If you usually opt for popular picnic spots with lots of entertainment and stimulation for your kids, look for the exact opposite. Try to find a quiet park or place where you can both read peacefully without noisy or visual distractions.

Once You're There...

It's time to read! After you have both read the opening chapter, take a small break and discuss where you think the story will go and identify any potentially favorite character you may have. Once you're finished, jump back into the book and read another two chapters. Take another break to update your predictions and use the candy you have as small rewards to make silly bets on which character will do what and how each story arc will travel. As you read and talk, don't be afraid to get into it and match your child's excitement levels. Things like making up voices you think each character has or discussing how each character looks are great ways to make reading interactive. As you finish each chapter, don't forget to claim your tasty prizes! Once you have both finished, use the trip home for your child to give you a brief report on the book, how each character was portrayed, and how well written the book was. If a 'reading picnic' sounds easy and fun, it's because it is! Without knowing it, your child is learning to associate reading with enjoyment. This is an attachment which will transfer into their academic life to help them feel less disinterested when handed a textbook to study, along with exposing them to various writing styles and vocabulary usage.

Help Is at Hand with Reading Tutoring

If you find that your child struggles with reading or asks the same questions repetitively, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX at (281) 650-2246 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring and how one-to-one instruction can help children of all ages and reading levels improve their proficiency.


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