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Tackling Large Projects with Ease

Reports and projects are interesting gauges for a student as the results aren't always aligned with a student's interest in a subject or their knowledge of it. Instead, the lower than expected grade could be a result of feeling intimidated by a project which appears unachievable. If this sounds like your student, The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has some ideas below which can help.

Remove the Intimidation

If you give a student new to large projects a large task to complete, all they will see is that large task. One large, intimidating task. What you can help them see are the smaller tasks which make it up. A great example would be a project which included a report on a famous president. Instead of researching their entire life history over the course of a few study sessions, make a list of important sections and research these in each session, such as:
  • Early life
  • School performance and political aspirations
  • Early political views
  • Key political milestones
  • Later political views
  • Conclusion

Don't Waste Time

Do you know what's great about finishing up a section of your study early? You can finish your study early and open your social media. Do you know what's not great about finishing a section early? Later realizing that you could have completed a larger section which you now don't have time for. Assign each section with an estimated duration to complete. Do your best to align this with the various study sessions you have scheduled to help you make the most of each one.

Don't Lose Focus

If you aren't seeing the completion of the end-goal then it can be difficult to maintain interest and momentum. As your student completes each section, consider a small reward. Nothing big, maybe just cooking their favorite dinner that night or a trip to the mall for a small box of candy.

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