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Learning how to pronounce sounds and letters is part of every child's language skills development. However, it can be challenging for some children to pronounce certain sounds. Aiding children in their language skills developments is vital. Doing so allows them to later on master vocabulary, grammar, and other language abilities. Learn some advice on how to help your child improve their pronunciation in this post by The Tutoring Center, Pearland, TX.

Practice the Sound at the Syllable Level

To do so:
  1. Choose a word that includes the sound your child struggles to pronounce.
  2. If, for example, your child has a difficult time pronouncing the "s" sound, choose a word such as "song" to practice.
  3. After your child achieves the right pronunciation, choose a word that has the "s" sound in the middle, and after that, a word that has the "s" sound at the end.
This is to ensure they practice the sound when placed at different moments of the word.

Play a Guessing Game

Pronouncing sounds and words correctly is all about our mouth's placement. Therefore, play a guessing game where you whisper a word to your child from afar. Doing this will require your child to focus on your mouth and its placement.


As with most things, to fully learn something, repetition is needed. Make sure you practice with your child on a regular basis. Reinforcement will enable your child to slowly learn how to pronounce sounds correctly.

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