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Promote Learning Retention Through Lesson Enjoyment When it comes to children’s learning the biggest challenge for parents is often getting their child not only interested in their lessons, but to also enjoy them. With the extensive boost in knowledge retention that comes when a child enjoys their learning, The Tutoring Center of Pearland would like to share two easy tips that may be the trick. 

Find out What Interests Your Child
Often easier said than done, this tip can have great benefits to your child’s learning. If they have an interest in mechanics or cars, find learning tools geared towards these interests. Something as simple as related puzzles or flash cards that relate math equations to the mechanics of a car can be a great way to improve their knowledge retention. 

If they can relate their favorite car with their most difficult to remember equation, it will make it remarkably easier for them to recall the lesson when it counts. 

Learning Around the House 
How many times do you think the couch could fit in the bathroom? If you melted the kettle, how many cups of coffee do you think it would make? While these may seem silly to an adult, for a child they are fun ways to think differently about items and stretch their math minds. One of the easiest ways to incorporate learning into the home is with your cooking. As you’re cooking, ask them to add and subtract different ingredients as you cook, keeping them involved and learning with them even realizing!

Tutoring in Pearland 
These are just two ways which you can incorporate fun and learning into your child’s lives and are a great complement to professional tutoring in Pearland. If you are interested in helping your child succeed in their education, speak with The Tutoring Center of Pearland at (281) 650-2246 to book your free consultation to learn more about how tutoring in Pearland can help your child improve their grades and lesson retention.


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