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Does Your Child Suffer From Poor Time Management?

There will be times when students have so much work and study on their plate that they forget important dates or activities. As unproductive as this behavior sounds, it is all just part of adolescence. Of course, if forgetting important aspects of their education becomes second nature, then hormones aren’t to blame. The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has some information below to share on how poor time management skills could be the cause of your child’s slipping grades. Time management skills are often a skillset which adults take for granted. Managing multiple projects, ensuring that the dishwasher is running while you clean, and even working out your daily errands are all example of this. These are all everyday activities that you complete more effectively thanks to time management skills. However, for many students, these skills are still yet to be learned. Until they are, they can cause concerns with your student’s grades. Imagine the student below.
  • They attend each class, on time
  • They listen to every lesson the teacher presents
  • They ask questions
  • They write meticulous notes
  • They enjoy the lessons
This is essentially what parents would consider being a model student. If this student was to be given the assignment to complete, there is little doubt that it would return with a high mark. However, imagine that this student lacks time management skills. Now, instead of planning out their study sessions, including which aspects of the assignment will be done first, and what follow-up research needs to be completed when, this student remembers the night before that they have an important and heavy-weighted assignment due the next day. As you can imagine, the quality of this assignment will not even be close to that of the assignment completed days in advance over the course of a number of study sessions. Unfortunately, when it comes time for the teacher to assign grades for the class, the majority of the work they need to assess isn’t accurately representative of the student’s work. This leads smart, bright, and interested students to return home with grades that parents just can’t seem to understand.

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