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How to Identify and Help an Auditory Learner

During a regular class at school, each student will sit at their desk and face the board, where the teacher will write a lesson for everybody to see and copy down. Once this lesson has been completed, the board is wiped clean and the process starts again. All in all, the method most addresses the traits of a visual learner. However, what if your student didn’t learn effectively through visual cues? The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX has some information below about the traits of an auditory learner and how you can adjust your homework help to better assist your youngster. Identifying an auditory learner can be a challenge because written lessons also incorporate a select amount of speaking, where students can boost their understanding. However, if you notice any of the following, consider digging a little deeper:
  • Each time that your youngster studies, they prefer to listen to pre-recorded lectures or lessons.
  • When you assign chores in your home, one child seems to follow your instructions more clearly when they were spoken to them, instead of written down or sent in a text message.
  • Reading quietly just isn’t something that they can do, often reading out loud seemingly to themselves.
If you see any of the above or any other signs which make you suspect that your youngster has paid more attention to a lesson listening, consider the following teaching tips:
  • When providing math help, instead of writing down the instructions, read them to your student. Even if this means just sitting there and reading from a textbook, it may be more helpful.
  • Speak with their teacher about any upcoming lessons and look for audio-book versions which may be available.
  • After gaining consent from their teachers, provide them with the tools to record each of their lessons or lectures to listen to during their study time.
  • Teaching apps and websites often incorporate auditory learning into their platforms.
In addition to the above, look for ways which you can adjust your teaching or assistance style to better accommodate an auditory learning style.

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