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How to Keep Your Children Entertained and Learning in the Warmth!

During the warm summer weather, there is seemingly nothing that a parent can do to keep their children indoors long enough to have a conversation past sure, fine, and whatever. When the cold weather rolls around, however, well it’s definitely a different story with students apparently physically glued to the couch or any space in front of a screen. If this sounds like a scene in your living room and you wouldn’t mind a change, below are some ideas from The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX to help you keep your children both entertained and learning during the cold months.


Can you remember back to a time when there weren’t paint or marker stains on your walls or carpet? Probably not. And while it may be an ever so slight consolation, there is a way to redirect these artistic tendencies into a learning activity. Start with a standard paint-by-numbers set chosen by your youngster. When searching, look for one with a large set of numbers. Once you have this, instead of simply counting through the numbers and painting in color blocks, set small math challenges. For example:
  • Start by painting in all of the prime numbers on the page.
  • Then paint numbers in a multiplication sequence which your student has been struggling with.
  • Move on to answers to problematic equations which have been posing a challenge.
While it may take longer to complete, is there really any rush to get outside into the cold?

Visit a Museum

If your memory of completing your school assignments includes flipping through numerous encyclopedias trying to find the most up to date information as you could, then it’s likely you have a similar memory of museums. And why wouldn’t you? After all, before the internet, there wasn’t ready access to information on essentially every topic. This not only limited students but also curators. Now, however, technology has allowed museums to broaden their appeal by designing and hosting exhibitions and installations which are not only focused on youngsters but also include a solid learning element.

Cold Weather Tutoring Can Warm up Your Child's Brain

If you notice that your youngster shows a particular interest in an exhibit at the museum but struggles to understand the material provided, consider one-to-one reading tutoring along with a suite of other subjects which can also help your youngster unlock their learning potential. Book your free initial consultation today by calling The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX at 281 650 2246 and learn more about how one-to-one tutoring can provide your student with the tools they need to succeed.


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