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Take Your Child's Learning Further with Technology and Tutoring

For those of us who have finished our formal education, we are well aware of the benefits that reading and textbooks can provide, however, for children with access to cell phones and tablets, the lesson can be a little harder to instill. If you have a child who can't seem to break away from their phone or tablet screen, The Tutoring Center of Pearland has two great ways to merge technology and reading.


If you've noticed people on the train with devices larger than a phone but smaller than a tablet, it's likely they are using an e-book. These have quickly become great ways for adults to store hundreds of their favorite books into one small device for easy access. However, it isn't just adults that can see benefits from using one. If your child has a favorite author or genre but just isn't interested in going to the library, consider getting them a relatively cheap e-book reader and downloading these books directly onto it. Not only is it now in the familiar form of a screen, something which they feel comfortable using, the excitement of a new electronic gadget can reinvigorate their enjoyment of reading.

Electronic Textbooks

If your child has a tablet, look for e-reader apps which can accommodate textbook and markups. With your child's textbooks now accessible on their tablets, they can not only read wherever and whenever they like without carrying around bulky textbooks, but these apps also allow for digital notes and references. These are a great replacement for traditional post-it notes as they can be downloaded alongside each piece of information. With this information at hand, your child can quickly and easily show their tutor during their tutoring classes. Not only this, their tutor can also add their own notes alongside your child's.

Tutoring in Pearland

Just because your child seems addicted to staring at a screen doesn't mean that the screen can't present educational tools. If you would like to find out more ways technology can help your child or you're simply interested in ensuring your child receives the best scores throughout their schooling path, speak with The Tutoring Center of Pearland at (281) 650-2246. Speak with our professionals about booking your free consultation or to learn about how our "Geniuses in Training" program is helping thousands of children just like yours reach their learning potential.


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